LPMT | Biophysics Group

Dipl. Phys.

Navid Bonakdar

PhD candidate
Center of Medical Physics and Technology
(Fabry Lab)



Biomechanical Characterization of Desminopathy in Human Myoblasts

Expression of mutant desmin leads to increased mechanical stiffness, resulting in excessive stress and increased mechanical vulnerability of human muscle cells.

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NEDD9 stabilizes focal adhesions and increases binding to the extra-cellular matrix

We investigated the the role of the focal adhesion protein Nedd9 on the binding strength to the extra-cellular matrix in mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

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Contribution of Plectin to
Mechanical Properties

Filamin A is essential for active cell stiffening but not passive stiffening under external force.

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Contribution of Plectin to Mechanical Properties

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